Switching to Landscape Photography

Switching to Landscape Photography

When I started photography, I thought I wanted to be a portrait photographer. I loved capturing people’s stories and personalities through my lens. But after a few years of shooting portraits, I realized my true passion was landscape photography.

Here’s why I made the switch to shooting landscapes.

There’s something about landscape photography that speaks to me on a different level than portraits. Maybe it’s the vastness of nature or how light plays off the scene— whatever it is, there’s something about it that captivates me in a way that portraits never have. And I think that comes across in my work.

My work as a landscape photographer has taken me to some pretty unique places, and I’ve captured some truly stunning scenes. From the rugged cliffs of Moher in Ireland to the ethereal landscapes of Iceland, I’ve had some incredible experiences I would never have had if I’d stayed shooting portraits.

Don’t get me wrong— I still love taking portraits. But for me, there’s something special about landscape photography that I just can’t resist.

Landscape photography has also taught me to be patient—something that doesn’t come naturally to me! When photographing a sunset or waiting for the perfect wave to roll in, you must be patient and wait for the right moment. This has helped me become a better photographer overall because I’ve learned not to rush things and to take my time to get the perfect shot.

It’s a great feeling when all your hard work pays off, and you finally capture that perfect moment. That’s why I love landscape photography— and I’ll never return to portraits full-time.

Beautiful Pasture with Trees

Overall, I’m thrilled with my decision to switch to landscape photography. It’s been an excellent way to challenge myself and grow as a photographer. And at the end of the day, it’s the type of photography that speaks to me personally. If you’re considering making a similar switch, I say go for it! Trust your gut and follow your heart—you won’t regret it.

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